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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


Scarring and healing

Scarring and healingThere is much information about the benefits of breast reduction available today, so for someone curious about the various techniques, you may feel quite well informed.  There are many options to choose from and so it is of vital importance that you pick the one best suited to your needs and really understand what the procedure entails.

Each individual is unique and for you to decide which option is best for you, you should book a consultation with a plastic surgeon and discuss the various options available.  As with any surgery, there will be a certain amount of scarring involved when incisions are made.

Thanks to advances in modern surgical techniques, scarring is kept to a minimum due to surgeons making the least amount of incisions, minimising the size of incisions, careful and neatly executed sutures and vigilant post-operative care.

Breast reduction via lyposuction is the least invasive technique, which will leave the least amount of scarring.  Using this method, a small incision measuring no more than 5 millimetres is made on the underside of the breast, usually in the breast crease.

The circumareolar scar is so named because it circles the areola.  This type of incision is used for small breast lifts and occasionally for breast reductions.  This type of incision leaves a scar that tends to widen when used for more extreme breast lifts and reductions, so it is rarely used in such cases.

Lollipop scars are so named for the keyhole type incision which leaves less noticeable scars than the anchor scar procedure.  This relatively new technique is still gaining popularity amongst the surgical fraternity and is only used by a small percentage of surgeons.  It is most commonly used with the laser bra lift technique and laser assisted breast reductions.

Anchor scars are similar in appearance to lollipop scars, except that an additional cut is made at the base of the breast, horizontally along the breast crease.  This type of incision is most commonly used with the laser bra lift technique, ideal for maximum lift with particularly dramatic breast size reduction.

Each individual reacts differently when healing and scarring is dependant upon age, skin type, genetics and rate of healing.  Younger people are more apt to scar as the healing process is more vigorous than older people.  Looser skin will also show less visible scars than skin that is taut.  A good example is that the skin on your cheek will be less likely to show prominent scarring than the skin across your jawline, which is more taut.  Hence the location of a scar is important in determining its appearance.

After surgery your scars may appear very prominent during the first three months, but over time they will fade.  It can take as much as up to two years before you can see exactly what a scar will look like.  The extent of the scarring is often due to genetic factors, skin tone and skin type.

Lifestyle also plays a factor in wound healing and the formation of scarring.  Smoking slows the healing process as it slows the transportation of oxygen around the body.  Smokers will find that the healing process is slower and that scars may take longer to fade.  Avoid sun exposure as it will tan scars, making them more visible.

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