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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


Scarless breast reductions

“Scarless” breast reductions

Bigger is not always better, particularly in reference to breast size.  Many women suffer from all sorts of physical and emotional trauma due to the size of their breasts.  Neck pain, back pain, poor posture, breast pain, skin irritations, an inability to participate in high-impact activities like running and being unable to buy comfortably fitting clothes are just some of the effects.  Many women are embarrassed by the size of their breasts and feel that they are paid unwanted attention because of them.

Thanks to breast reduction surgery you can do away with struggling to find tops to fit your frame, with chaffing and other restrictions like not being able to enjoy strenuous sporting activities.  The downside to breast reduction surgery is scarring.  As wonderful as the marvels of modern medicine are, there is still no method of breast reduction surgery that does not require some form of incision.  Every type of incision will leave a mark and how severe the scarring is depends on various factors like skin type, skin tone, age and position of the incision.

Naturally, some forms of breast reduction surgery leave less scars than others.  Liposuction breast reduction requires less incisions than other kinds of breast surgery, but the bottom line is that any surgical procedure is going to leave you with some form of scarring.

For many women it is a trade off.  Some scarring may well be preferable to the alternative, which is ungainly breasts that are overly large and have sagged due to their weight.  Breast reduction surgery can minimise the size of the breasts dramatically, even reshaping the breasts and lifting the nipple to give a firmer, younger, more beautiful appearance to the breasts.  To many women this is infinitely better than the alternative and they feel that a few scars are well worth the improvement to their lifestyle and self-image.

You may discuss any concerns with your surgeon and he can describe to you the different methods and the scarring that will result from the different types of breast reduction surgery.  Scarring can be minimised by specially designed compression bandages and by the application of tissue oils after the initial healing process has been completed.

Today’s surgeons are careful to place incisions in areas where there are natural creases, like under the breast, to minimise the appearance of the scars.  Incisions are carefully sutured, in some cases using microsurgery to minimise the formation of scar tissue.  After surgery care also has an effect on scar healing.  Refrain from exposing the scars to sunlight, stop smoking, eat healthily, get plenty of rest and be sure to take vitamin supplements to feed the skin.

In time scars fade naturally and will become almost imperceptible, leaving only a pale silvery or white line.  The best thing to do is to discuss your wound healing concerns with your plastic surgeon and he can give you the best advice on how to care for your wounds so that the scarring is minimal.  Usually within six months the scars are barely noticeable.

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