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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


Reduction with breast lift

Reduction with breast liftIf you are considering breast reduction surgery more than likely you are also considering a breast lift in conjunction with this surgical procedure.  Breast reduction surgery will remove excess fatty tissue in the breasts, the root cause of the breasts being overly large and heavy, causing them to droop and lose their firm appearance.

If you are unhappy with the size and shape of your breasts you may well consider a breast reduction in combination with a breast lift.  The best course of action will be to first book a consultation with a plastic surgeon.  Together you can discuss your expectations of the surgery and which type of procedure is best going to suit your needs.

If your breasts are particularly large and sagging, then the surgeon may well suggest a breast lift as well as a breast reduction.  The two surgical procedures are performed at the same time.  While you are under general anaesthetic a small 5 millimetre incision is made at the base of each breast, in the natural crease of the breast, to minimise scarring.

A cannula is then inserted to perform the breast reduction.  This is a long, thin, hollow metal tube that is connected to a powerful suction pump.  The cannula creates tunnels in the fatty breast tissue as it sucks out excess fat.  When the cannula is removed the tunnel collapses, reducing the size of the area where the procedure has been done.  This is also an ideal tool for reshaping the breast.

The additional breast lift involves the repositioning of the nipple higher up on the breast wall.  The areola and nipple are detached and repositioned and excess skin is trimmed away before the skin is repositioned and sutured into place.  This process gives the breasts a more pert, youthful appearance and adds to the overall aesthetic appearance of the breast.

The removal of the areola and nipple involves a keyhole or anchor shaped surgical incision to separate the areola from the breast and it is important to realize that this means severing the milk ducts.  Once the milk ducts are severed they do not reattach to the nipple.  This will interfere with breastfeeding if you should wish to nurse after the procedure.  It is best to discuss your requirements with your surgeon regarding a nipple graft.

The reshaping of the breast is aided by the breast lift.  A reduction alone cannot tighten the skin or raise the position of the nipple.  If the nipple is below the crease of the breast it is certainly an option that you may want to consider.  After breast reduction and breast lift surgery you should have a pleasing shape to the breast, with a shapely curvature to the cleavage without the breasts being too heavy or pendulous.

The surgery does come with some minor risks, which the patient should be made aware of beforehand.  There is a risk of bruising, bleeding, swelling, infection, sharp pains in the breast and nipple, scarring and necrosis.  This may occur if the breast tissue is not reconnected to the blood supply and in such a case, though extremely rare, further surgery will be required to correct the problem.  Asymmetry is also a possibility and will need a second procedure to correct.

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