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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


Real patient stories

Real patient storiesYou can read several accounts of patients who have come away with positive stories to tell after their breast reduction surgery.

Rebecca was an early developer who by age 13 was wearing a C cup and who continued to increase her bra size until by the age of 24 she was wearing a 4D, which is equivalent to a G cup.  No one in her family had such large breasts and none of her friends were in the same predicament.  At 5”3 inches she was of normal weight, but no amount of dieting or exercise reduced her bra size.

Embarrassed by the size of her chest she tried to wear minimising bra’s and had to visit a chiropractor on a regular basis to seek relief from neck and back pain due to the strain on her small frame.  She joined a yoga class which helped to release some of the tension in her back, but finally she began considering surgery as an option.

After a visit to a plastic surgeon in her area she came away disillusioned when he explained that he would detach her nipples during the procedure, rendering her incapable of breastfeeding at a later stage.  Rebecca continued her search until she found a surgeon who could perform the laser bra breast reduction that would allow her to naturally breastfeed when she gave birth to a daughter three years later.  Rebecca is thrilled with the results of her surgery.

Helen is a production assistant/assistant director who works on both films and television shows and says that from a young age her breast size was a nuisance, particularly as she loved playing basketball.  By the time she had gone through puberty, Helen was buying G cup bra’s and felt extremely self-conscious about her chest size, feeling that most people looked at her chest before they looked at her face.  Large breasts are a family trait and Helen first started considering reduction surgery when her aunt underwent the same procedure and told Helen how pleased she was with the results.

Helen finally decided to take the plunge and booked herself a consultation with her plastic surgeon.  They discussed what she wanted, what the procedure would entail and even the anaesthesiologist put her mind at rest, explaining the process to her.  The staff were extremely supportive during her recovery period and Helen was able to manage the mild pain and discomfort with over the counter analgesics during the first few days after the breast reduction surgery.

She took a month off work for her recovery and returned a happier woman, able to do more and with much more confidence.  Today Helen enjoys being able to buy store bought bras that fit her frame and loves the fact that she has her pick of clothing as she can now wear anything.  Her breasts no longer restrict her fashion choices and she enjoys a wider range of activities due to less physical restrictions and says that if she had it to do over, she’d do it again, in a heartbeat.

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