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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


Preserving nipple sensation and function

Preserving nipple sensation and functionPreserving nipple sensation and function


The benefits of breast reduction surgery are dramatic and permanent and for all that there are many positive aspects to this surgical procedure, one must also consider any negative effects.  Any type of breast reduction surgery requires cutting and removal of fatty tissue and nerves and this can have an effect on sensation.  This loss of sensation may be particularly noticeable in the nipple area.

What we call the nipple really consists of two parts, the nipple, which is connected to the milk ducts necessary for breastfeeding.  The nipple is surrounded by the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple.  Unfortunately the milk ducts do not repair themselves if separated from the nipple, thus the separation is permanent.  During a breast reduction a free nipple graft is performed, where the nipple is temporarily detached and repositioned higher up on the breast.  This makes it possible for the surgeon to remove excess fatty tissue and also to give the breast a more youthful position.

Thanks to advances in medical technology, nipple sensation is preserved, as is the ability to breastfeed after the procedure.  These procedures include laser-assisted breast reduction, the laser bra lift, pedicle breast reduction, liposuction breast reduction and these are less invasive than the free nipple graft.

Laser-assisted breast reduction and the laser bra lift procedure do not include the nipple graft surgery, meaning that the breast reduction is done without repositioning or detaching the nipple.  The nipple’s sensation is retained and it is up to the patient and the surgeon to decide upon the positioning of the incision during the pre-operative consult.

Liposuction breast reduction is a surgical procedure that requires the least amount of incisions.  Due to the nature of this procedure, a nipple graft is not required, nor are there any incisions made on the nipple itself.  The skin is not tightened and only a small to moderate amount of breast tissue can be removed using this type of breast reduction surgery.

It will be up to you and the surgeon to decide together which is the best course of action to follow, dependant upon what your requirements are.  If only a moderate amount of breast tissue needs to be removed, then a simple liposuction of the breast tissue may be the best course of action for you.  Laser-assisted breast reduction may be a better option for a more dramatic reduction to the breast tissue.  Of course, for those wanting to lift the breast as well as enjoy a reduction in size, a nipple graft will be required to reposition the nipple and also give greater access to the excess breast tissue so that it may be removed.

A surgical consult will be able to clarify what your needs are to your surgeon and you can discuss all of your concerns with him, including what type of surgical procedure you will undergo, exactly where the incisions will be made and other such details to put your mind at rest.

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