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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


Potential risks and complications

Potential risks and complicationsBreast reduction surgery is a beacon of hope for many women who suffer from overly developed breasts that cause them no end of physical and emotional discomfort.  Breast reduction surgery is a way to free yourself from headaches, neck and back pain, shoulder stiffness, rashes, infections and aching breasts.

Any kind of elective surgery does come with inherent risks and it would do you well to be aware of these.  You should be fully informed of all the potential risks and complications that may occur before you decide to undergo the surgery.

Bleeding, infection and anaesthetic complications:

As with any elective surgery there is a risk of bleeding after surgery.  Infections may cause complications but our highly trained staff are there to ensure that any such risks are kept to a minimum.  Anaesthetic complications are also a possibility, but we employ only board certified medical anaesthesiologists to minimise any potential risks.

Bruising, inflammation, infection, discomfort and swelling:

These symptoms are all very likely after an elective surgical procedure like a breast reduction and can all be minimised by the use of analgesics and by limiting activity according to your surgeons instructions.

Sharp pains in the breast or nipple:

After surgery some women experience sharp pains in the breast or nipple area.  This is considered part of the healing process and can last for up to six months after surgery, but will eventually subside.

Loss of nipple sensation and functionality:

After breast reduction surgery some women experience a loss of sensation around the nipple and in some cases can interfere with the ability to breastfeed.


Any type of surgery is going to result in some level of scarring, the severity of which depends upon genetics, skin tone and type and post-operative wound care.


No two breasts are exactly alike but in some cases dramatic asymmetry may be noticed after breast reduction surgery.  In this case a second surgery will be needed to correct the asymmetrical appearance.


Necrosis is extremely rare and happens when the blood supply is cut off from the tissues during surgery.  If this happens then immediate steps must be taken as gangrene can be the result.  Necrosis may likely result in further medical procedures being needed.

How can you help to minimise risks after surgery?

There are things you can do to help minimise risks after your surgery.  We have listed some of them here for your benefit.

Stop smoking:

Cigarette smoking constricts the arteries, restricting the body from carrying vital oxygen and nutrients around the body.  Thus, smoking can slow the healing process and affect scar formation.  It is advised to stop smoking at least two weeks before surgery.


If you suffer from diabetes you will want to have it completely under control before contemplating surgery.  Diabetes can affect the bodies healing processes adversely and by getting your diabetes well under control you can better promote healing after surgery.

Up your fitness level:

If you are overweight this will affect your healing abilities and many physicians will ask you to lose weight before they will consider proceeding with the surgery.  Losing weight and getting fit will minimise complications and speed the healing process.

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