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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


Pedicle methods

Pedicle methodsA woman’s breasts are what makes her feminine and beautiful and are one of the major defining features of womanhood.  However, for some women their breasts become over-developed in puberty or later life and the excess fatty tissue in the breasts leads to pendulous breasts that lose their firm appearance.  Very often the nipple will sag below the breast crease, creating a tired, aged appearance to the breasts.

Breast reduction surgery has been the saving grace of hundreds of thousands of woman.  Their confidence and mobility is restored thanks to the wonders of modern medical science.  Many women who undergo breast reduction surgery will also request a breast lift.  There are various techniques available but one popular method to consider is the pedicle method.

One method employed in the breast lift is to perform a nipple graft, where the nipple is temporarily removed and then repositioned higher on the breast.  This process severs the milk ducts and women who have had this procedure are unable to nurse afterwards as the milk ducts do not reattach themselves.  This may suit some women, particularly those who have already had all their children or who are past child-bearing age.

This method may not suit women who still intend to breastfeed and there is, fortunately, an alternative solution.  Patients may opt for the pedicle method.  During this procedure only a portion of the nipple is separated from the breast and then the nipple is rotated to a higher position on the chest wall.  This retains the attachment to the milk ducts and nerves, meaning that most women will be able to breastfeed after the surgery.  It also results in less scarring than other methods.

The breast reduction is performed using a cannula to remove excess fatty tissue from the surrounding breast.  Small tunnels are created in the fatty tissue which then collapse and reduce the breast tissue.  This makes for a very accurate method of reshaping the breast.  Ideally the breast should be full in the uppermost portion, so that after reduction there is still enough fullness to create an attractive cleavage.

The skin is then trimmed and tightened to contour the shape of the breast.  This is really up to the surgeons discretion and he will reshape the breast to look as natural as possible, using minimal incisions to reduce scarring.  Sutures are kept small and neat to reduce scars and a drain may be inserted before a compression bandage is applied.  The compression bandage aids in supporting the breasts and in healing.

The drains will be removed a few days after surgery and two weeks later the sutures will be removed.  There will still be some residual swelling and bruising and as the healing process varies from person to person, it can take anywhere from four to six months to determine the eventual shape of the breasts.   Your breasts will look natural and have a younger, firmer appearance thanks to the raised position of the nipple and the taut skin that creates the breasts natural bra.

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