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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


Liposuction breast reduction in Thailand

Liposuction breast reduction in ThailandLiposuction breast reduction in Thailand

Liposuction breast reduction in Thailand is an elective surgical procedure for women who suffer from overly large breasts.  To many the idea of a fuller chest is extremely desirable, but for some the excess size of their breasts is a physical and emotional burden.  Overly large breasts can cause all kinds of discomfort, from chaffing, rashes, infections, neck pain, shoulder and back pain, headaches and emotional distress in the form of unwanted attention and comments.

Overly large breasts can also affect mobility and can restrict women from doing highly strenuous sporting activities and the like.  For these women, the idea of Liposuction breast reduction in Thailand becomes a very attractive and sometimes necessary option.  Thailand has become one of the more popular destinations worldwide for liposuction Liposuction breast reduction in Thailand, due to the fact that the costs of this procedure are extremely competitive compared to other countries.  Thailand is also reputed to have some of the finest surgeons and sympathetic medical staff who are dedicated to ensure your full and speedy recovery.

Liposuction breast reduction in Thailand

Liposuction breast reduction in Thailand is one of the least invasive breast reduction surgical techniques.  It is associated with the least amount of scarring and so is a popular option with many women who suffer from overly large breasts.  Due to the nature of the procedure only a small incision needs to be made at the base of the breast, in the natural crease, no more than 5 millimetres in length.

The cannula is a hollow thin tube that is attached to a powerful suction motor.  The tube is inserted into the breast and tunnels of fatty tissue are extracted.  As the tube is removed these tunnels collapse, minimizing the size of the breast.  This technique allows for easy shaping of the breast, assuring a pleasing result after surgery.  The breast is not only reduced in size but is reshaped at the same time for a more pleasing aesthetic appeal.

This is a wonderful advancement for women who want to minimise the size of their breasts to a moderate degree.  It is ideal for limited breast reduction, but for those wanting a more dramatic reduction in breast size a different technique would be better.  The nipple is not removed or repositioned, meaning that there is no scarring to the nipple area and that the ability to breastfeed is retained.

The surgery should take an approximate 2 hours.  After the surgery a compression garment is applied and will need to be worn by the patient for a period of four weeks.  This may vary from patient to patient and you would be best advised to listen to your physicians advice.

You can expect to have bruising, possible bleeding, swelling and pain or tenderness for some time after the surgery.  The final appearance of the breasts will only be apparent about six months after the surgery.  There will be some residual scarring, but the severity will depend on your skin tone and type and various genetic factors including your natural healing ability.

  • Liposuction breast reduction in Thailand


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