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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


Breast shape after surgery

The big question on your mind will be what your breasts will look like after the surgery.  How will the breast shape and size be affected?  Dependant on the size and shape of your breasts before the surgery, the surgeon will reshape your breasts for a natural and more youthful appearance.

Your breasts will appear smaller, feel firmer and will be positioned higher up on the chest wall.  The nipples will also be repositioned to give a more pert appearance.  In some cases the nipples will be resized so that they are in proportion to the newly reshaped and resized breast.

The amount of breast tissue to remove will be determined during your consultation with your surgeon prior to the operation.  This will vary from woman to woman, dependant on individual requirements and how much breast tissue needs to be removed.  This is really quite a personal decision according to what each individual needs and may vary from only a minor reduction to a major reduction in size and a considerable lifting of the breast tissue.

The surgeon will take into account your height, frame, weight and hip measurement and try to proportion your breasts accordingly for a balanced appearance.  If the breasts are proportionally too small, they can make the hips appear overly large and adversely, if the breasts are too large it can give the body an over-balanced appearance.

You and your surgeon will discuss your needs and ensure that you are both in agreement and understanding before the surgery is performed.  Once the patient has undergone the surgery the results will be immediately noticeable despite the obvious swelling.  Post operative swelling may take some weeks to subside depending on the patients rate of healing.

The final results of your surgery will only be apparent six months to a full year after surgery.  Bear in mind that hormonal fluctuations and alterations in weight will affect the size of the breasts.  Weight gain will enlarge the breasts which are made up of fatty tissue and weight loss will likewise be noticed in the breast tissue as well.

The effects of breast reduction surgery are permanent, however, over time the effects of gravity and age will be noticeable and the breasts will be prone to drooping and sagging.  The smaller the breasts the less noticeable these effects will be.  The breasts will alter in shape over time and this is simply a natural part of the ageing process.  A breast reduction and breast lift can minimise these effects.

A bra that offers effective support and is the right shape to suit your breasts is one of the best investments you can make to keeping your breasts firm and to prevent the visible signs of ageing.  This is particularly true when engaged in sporting activities that require strenuous activity or movement.  You may feel tenderness for quite a few months after your surgery and the extra support a bra has to offer will be most welcome.

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