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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


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Pedicle methodsWe offer an affordable and professional service to patients who are interested in travelling to Thailand to undergo breast reduction surgery.  Many women suffer with overly large breasts that cause all kinds of discomfort.  This can range from simply not being able to wear your favourite lingerie items to actual physical discomfort that includes back pain, neck pain, shoulder stiffness, headaches, actual grooves cut into your shoulders from your bra strap and a general sense of dissatisfaction with your overall appearance.

We offer dedicated and professional staff who offer expert care and genuine understanding of your plight.  You will be advised upon the best procedure to minimise your overly large breasts and the caring staff will be there every step of the way to assist with your recovery.  We can assist you with travel arrangements so that you can see us for a consultation.  Medical tourism to Thailand has become a popular and highly affordable option which can provide as much as a 70% saving on fees.

You can book yourself a flight, travel to one of the more exotic destinations in the world, enjoy professional service from caring, highly trained staff and enjoy your recovery in surroundings that will leave you feeling as though you are at home.  After your recovery you can fly back home feeling like a new, improved version of you!  You’ll be thrilled with the service, the professionalism, the results and last, but not least, with the very competitive prices for your surgical breast reduction.

Our surgeons are highly accredited and our nursing staff are dedicated to ensuring the best care to our patients.  You can be assured that you will be fully informed of the surgical procedure and we offer a wide variety of services.  Liposuction breast reduction is a popular choice if you merely wish to reduce the overall size of your breasts.  If you are looking to undergo a breast reduction in conjunction with a breast lift, why not look at our laser bra method, or pedicle methods?  We offer free nipple grafting, vertical incision breast reduction and scarless breast reductions.

The goal for us is that to provide the best possible care and to ensure that you are entirely happy with the results of your breast reduction surgery.  We not only provide a breast reduction service, but can offer our patients aesthetic enhancements that lift the breast, for a younger, firmer appearance.

Our breast reduction surgery is also available to male patients who tend to carry excess fat in their chest areas.  Many men suffer from this embarrassing condition, which can be so easily corrected by a simple surgical procedure.  Eliminate the desire to cover up on the beach or at the poolside once you have had breast reduction surgery that will leave you feeling far more confident about yourself and with a much more positive self image.


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